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Onsite services start at $80.00 an hour, (one hour minumum). This includes transportation up to 25 miles.
Remote services are 20.00 per 15 minutes. Remote services can include phone, remote desktop support or both.

IT Consulting

We provide computer consulting for your home or business. Our mission is to provide you the most innovative IT solutions to make your work or play more enjoyable. Have you considered the following: security, a backup plan, a disaster recovery plan, etc. If you haven't you need us just as much as we need you.

Managed Services

Have a server running at the local office? Let us virtualize and manage your server in one of pittsburgh's most secure, fastest datacenter. We will manage tasks like updates, security, backups, application installation, etc.

Cloud Services

We have servers in one of Pittburgh's fastest and most secure datacenters. They are more than ready to host your website, email, application, VPN, or any other service your company needs.

Security Audit

Is your office secure? To find out answer the following questions: Do you or your employees have remote access to any of the computers or devices? Do you have public or private Wifi? Do you have data jacks in public areas? Do you run network connected devices such as printers, copiers, security cameras, etc. If you answered yes to any of these questions then contact us for a free basic security audit. We can identify any immediate threats to your business or customer's privacy and offer simple, affordable solutions to keep your data safe.

Computer Repair

Viruses, annoying pop-ups, scam calls, warnings disguised as government agencies, files being held ransom, people claiming to be computer technicians accessing your computer remotely and then charging a hefty fee and stealing your information, unidentified applications being installed without your knowledge. No need to worry, these things happen to everyone. We can help.

Data Recovery

Lost your company's database or all of your family photos? We can recover most files, even if the computer is water damaged, impact damaged, virus infected, files accidentally deleted, or your computer has stopped working all together. In the rare instance that we are not able to recover your data we will recommend you to a trusted local forensic lab.

Computer Networks

Wifi deadspots? Slow speed, constant buffering videos? We will provide expert solutions to blanket your entire home or office with the most reliable wifi.

Data Consolidation

So many passwords, so many cloud accounts - where is my data going? We will help you organize and consolidate your accounts and data. We will come up with easy to remember password plans and solutions that will meet or exceed industry standards and simplify your online experience.

About Johnny

John Kwalick - IT Consultant, System Administrator, and Owner of PittPC


IT Consultant / Entrepreneur

I earned my degree in computer science from Pittsburgh Technical College. Prior to making PittPC my full-time endeavor, I managed Computer Works in Lawrenceville for 8 years. I also have several years experience as a network engineer for a tier one internet-data center. I was instrumental in designing and implementing the network security-computer forensics lab at Pittsburgh Technical College. I have volunteered my time to the Computer Reach Program, which helps to bring computers to developing countries and I’ve also worked with The Boys and Girls Club, teaching children computer safety and creative use.

Customer Reviews

We've had several instances when we needed help with computer setup problems and John has helped us quickly and economically. In one critical situation we were told by the tech people at Best Buy, where we bought a new laptop, that there was a problem such that our data could not be transferred to the new computer and that the only possibility was to send the computer to Chicago to a computer forensics lab for $1000- $2000 and a couple of weeks of lost time. We called John and he took our new and old computers and called back 90 minutes later to say that everything was transferred and we were back in business. We wouldn't think of calling anyone else. We trust him completely. He's also a very nice guy.

Greg H. Surface Technologies Inc

John had an answer for every question that I had (and I had a lot!!). He was extremely knowledgeable and just a really great guy to work with.

Judy C

PittPC is a smart, intuitive, professional who wants to quickly solve my computer problems. Anyone looking for computer help would be wise to give Johnny a call.

Bill W Benchmark Energy Solutions

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